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Scrapbooks: Motto is a must

Our motto: Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live are more than just words to live by. When you include this in your yearbook, make sure it is in an easy to spot location. If it is overlooked during judging, no points can be awarded.

Good example: On cover, title page, or it’s own themed page, in easy to read text with lots of blank or background space around it.

Bad example: Repeated in small script to form a border around a photo. This can be an elegant use, but one that can easily be missed.


Don’t Sell Yourself Short

While reading, researching, and studying on your own, consider preparing historical press releases or news articles. These can be sent to various media outlets. Additionally, you may post them online in a webpage, blog, bulletin board, newsgroups/Usenet our state elist, other elists, etc.