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Continue to support our history

This year, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) issued national park resource assessments on three Civil War parks. These assessments are available in PDF format online at – as are others.

Of special note was Appomattox. Unfortunately, it only mustered fair scores for both cultural as well as natural resources and conditions. Budget cuts have hit them hard. The report notes that about 150,000 visitors take part in history annually there. Visit them online at

If you haven’t done anything to specifically support a Confederate landmark lately, now is a good time to renew your commitment to our cultural heritage.

Virtual Confederate Travel

Do you enjoy traveling? Have you taken the chance to visit many of the great War Between the States sites that have been preserved? Would you like to, but haven’t found the chance to yet?

Visit – a great site for those “on the move”, as well as Daughters who are there in spirit. One great feature for the war-minded is podcast tours of battlefields.

Words of Wisdom

“Count your Southern blessings every day” – From How To Be A Better Southerner (Advice, Observations and Inside Information) by Carolyn Kent, 2003, Southern Renaissance Publishing, Nashville, TN – Available for order through General (found under “supplies” link).