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UDC – Did you know?

Did you know that reading non-fiction books that deal with the War of Rebellion can be reported in committee work? Check with the ladies in your Chapter for more details.

Confederate Words of Wisdom

“Offer to give a program or two for your favorite school on the true history of the South, because it cannot be found in the textbooks” – From How To Be A Better Southerner (Advice, Observations and Inside Information) by Carolyn Kent, 2003, Southern Renaissance Publishing, Nashville, TN – Available for order through General (found under “supplies” link).

Confederate Reading is More than just “Good for the Soul”

Reading books is a tried and true method for expanding our knowledge. Even contemporary works can spread the Southern message and spotlight The War Between the States. For those with an interest in the language of the day, Webb Garrison’s Civil War Dictionary – An Illustrated Guide To the Everyday Language of Soldiers and Civilians, by Webb Garrison, was reissued by Cumberland House (Nashville) last year. The work was originally completed in 2001. This resource contains more than 2,500 entries, complemented by 330 illustrations. Clint Johnson (as published in Civil War News Feb./March 2009) points out that this kind of book is an easy way to get into studying history’s specifics.

Great Scrapbook & Pressbook Support

There’s just something about news clippings! Charleen Samuels, 2009 Oklahoma Division Convention Chair put together a clippings packet – several papers as well as pre and post PR – of the Convention and offered it to all for postage. A big thanks to the hosts for thinking about this. They can never be replaced, the feel, the smell – using real clippings are just as much a part of our Southern Heritage as many other things. If using as part of a record of history, don’t forget to neutralize any acid content and use archival products.

Oklahoma Confederate Tidbit – J. J. McAlester

J. J. McAlester, for whom the town of McAlester, Oklahoma (founded after the War Between the States) was named, was a Confederate officer. His big “White House” was once a famous place for travelers to stop.

Oklahoma Daughter working to keep history alive!

Hats off to June McCuiston: This intrepid Oklahoma Daughter reports that because she hadn’t seen much information from the Oklahoma Historical Society on the Confederate Memorial Center, Altus, she spoke to some members about it. The recent item in “Mistletoe Leaves” was a direct result. If we all keep history alive, it will enrich not only our lives, but others as well.

2009 Oklahoma Division Convention

Speaking of Oklahoma Division 2009 Convention, Oklahoma daughters gathered June 11-13, 2009, in McAlester, and enjoyed the schedule and fellowship provided by our two host chapters: Dixie #2543 and Jefferson Davis #2255.