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Nothing to wear?

For those of you who “just don’t have anything to wear” one consideration for the long skirt might be a simple gathered skirt, with elastic band. It is just a few simple seams, with elastic added. Today, this can even be accomplished with fusible facings. Not sure about the casing for the elastic (or draw string)? Use fusing to make the same finished edge as with the hem, don’t sew the side seems all the way to the top – instead fold them over and secure on the inside with safety pins! Not much sewing is required there! A traditionally cut, solid, long-sleeved, man’s shirt (without a pocket) can easily be added to make a simple and easy outfit.

New History in Oklahoma this year

Upcoming historical event with the OHC, as reported in Mistletoe Leaves that may be of Southern interest: February 6, 2010

Victorian Valentine Workshop, George Murrell Home, Park Hill

Lecture by Dr. Aaron Mason, “Galvanized Yankees” – Sod House Museum, Aline

Historical Evening Outfits

Don’t wish to spend big on a 100% historically accurate ensemble that to the 21st century woman seems like torture? We won’t judge, Historical evening is about celebrating our culture and the spirit of the Confederacy. Just like wearing Native American clothing is encouraged, remember those women of “the west” were not all Boston Debutaunts, nor did they have the same resources to continue all fashions that were in style. Future posts will contain ideas and a few pictures for those individuals who wish to take up the challenge and don’t already have something in the closet.

Southern Wisdom

“Southern pride – have it, keep it, showcase it!” – From How To Be A Better Southerner (Advice, Observations and Inside Information) by Carolyn Kent, 2003, Southern Renaissance Publishing, Nashville, TN – Available for order through General (found under “supplies” link).

2010 Historical Evening – Dressing the part!

Ladies – it is never too early to begin planning your wardrobe for Historical Evening. We know you will all shine in your outfits, but hope you choose to participate in Historical Evening yourself by dressing up in era appropriate clothing. Remember as we are geographically in Indian Territory, this also includes Native attire.

How many formal occasions have you been invited to that you were encouraged to wear something besides dressy footwear? Moccasins are both comfortable and appropriate!

Cherokee War Between the States Tours

The Cherokee Nation will start its Cultural Tourism season in March. Among other historically authentic excursions it offers is one themed “Cherokee Civil War”. Tours are available on Saturdays through early October, are $30 for adults and include lunch.. More information can be found at

Source: “Star Scene” Vol. 1 #1

2010 Winter Board Historian Report

Winter Greetings, 

This year, I’ve tried to make available information online in a variety of formats – from utilizing the Division E-List, to the Historian Blog and posting the information on web pages. Because of this, and the lack of changes and additions, this Officer is able to exercise Confederate economies by not stuffing your packet with lots of paper this year. Although the Division Computer Chairman has posted nothing on the Division website, everything can be found online at (Division) and (General) – for this administration, and has changed very little from last year’s packet information. For physical copies of 2010 Division items, contact me and I’ll be happy to email, FAX or mail them to your Chapter. Make as many copies of this information for distribution as you wish; the more of our Daughters we can get involved, the better.

Just like last year, Division judging of chapter scrapbook, yearbook, and newsletter are based on General guidelines – see UDC Notebook. A press book may be submitted under the scrapbook category, if no scrapbook is entered. To this end, the judging sheets for this year are exactly the same as 2009 and available online. Note in addition to General awards, this Historian is sponsoring a “best of” special award in both Yearbook-Effective Publication and Scrapbook-Artistic. Books to be judged will be submitted at Division Convention. More information will be available closer to Convention, as Host Chapter scheduling is locked down.  The Division will have a scrapbook this year, if anything is submitted. If you wish anything included, please send it to me by May 1.

 Many Oklahoma Division members are wonderful authors. They have exceeded all expectations by earning awards and praise all the way to General. Please consider joining this great group of Oklahoma Daughter’s this year. Any Oklahoma entries must be in to me by June 1, 2010, for judging. General rules can be found on page 13-5 of the UDC Notebook. Unless restricted by 2010 General guidelines, please also submit your work to other publications, such as the Oklahoma Chronicle.

 We all understand the need to work tirelessly, promoting our beliefs, often times unrecognized. However, we should all encourage and participate in work both our members and others are doing to promote the unbiased reality of the era in which the War Between the States took place. Furthermore, I suggest that learning about every honor the UDC bestows would make, at the very least, great historical meeting programs. However, once you are armed with knowledge, it is my hope that you will pursue these UDC honors for those residing, or doing good works, in this Division who deserve the admiration and respect of these tributes. Contact the appropriate Officer or Chairman and give credit where credit is due. Do your part to encourage others to continue their work with Southern Spirit. In the case of the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal and Sidney Lanier Medal, please note in your application packet, to me, if you are interested in presenting your accolade at Division Convention. 

This officer began correspondence about 2010 Historical Evening last June with the Convention Chairman and Host Chapter. At this time, per Division Presidential request, I’m awaiting approval for suitable Historical topics before seeking possible speakers. All Division Historical Evening Program plans are in a holding pattern because of this. While information is still scarce, once it is available, announcements will be made. Regardless of the fantastic historical evening still in the planning stages, I encourage all of you to wear your Confederate and Indian Territory outfits to show your support for Historical Evening.

Please mail your completed Chapter report to me – all 3 or more pages – allowing plenty of time for USPS delivery. Reports must arrive at the Division Historian on or before the deadline of 5-20-10 – not “mailed by”. Alternative Division Historian filing again this year again includes, FAX to 9185424148; posting it online and emailing me the URL; or emailing me (text in-line or PDF attachment only). Regardless of the method you choose to report, if you do not get confirmation from me, please follow up, in a timely manner, to be sure your Chapter is counted. 

Looking for more information? It’s a good thing to remember the data traditionally found in Yearbook of the Historian General is now the “Manual for Historians” section of the UDC Notebook, available through General. If you don’t have access to a copy, I urge you or your Chapter order one. The trusty reference shelf is more complete with the Notebook, as well as the current Division Proceedings and Robert’s Rules. The UDC Magazine’s June issue is also a great historical reference as the Historian General Programs are a regular feature, as well as many other great items. The full program list is online now. 

Closing Dates of Concern – Received by Division Officer by this date:

General Essays: June 1, 2010

Statistical Report: May 20, 2010

Form found at General:

Items for Division Scrapbook May 1, 2010 

                                                            Yours in service, Carrie Ann Cook