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Quilt Blocks in Aline

Upcoming historical programs with the OHC, as reported in the Mistletoe Leaves that may be of Southern interest include: May 8 & June 12, 2010 Quilt Block of the Month Class – Sod House Museum, Aline.

Movie Wardrobes – Fact & Fiction

Popular Movies are a great inspiration, but costumers recognize that many elements were “enhanced” with poetic license. A few movies to check out include: Gone with the Wind, Gangs of New York, and, in 2010 – Creation.

Sweet Smelling Historical Classes

Upcoming historical programs with the OHC, as reported in the Mistletoe Leaves that may be of Southern interest include: April 22, 2010 Homemade Perfumes & Oils Workshop – Pawnee Bill Ranch Site, Pawnee

2010 Divison Convention Historical Evening Speaker

Now that the 2010 Oklahoma Division Convention call has been issued, I’m excited to announce our President’s choice for Historical Evening program speaker. The selection process kicked into high gear in October, when discussions between Division President and Historian were opened. Though Mary’s selection, from three “finalists”, came last month, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t letting the cat out of the bag.

Colonel Bernard R. “Bernie” Cooper, Western Artillery Brigade, CSA will join us, in uniform, for Historical Evening to share his love of Confederate Flags. The Oklahoma Graves Registration, SCV Officer has plans to have something special for each and every one of us. The program promises to be interesting and lively.

Please plan to attend Historical Evening and bring family, friends and Confederate- minded individuals to celebrate with us. If you have an outfit with “Confederate Flavor”, consider wearing it that evening. We are not fashion police, but I know more than just a few of us have Native attire, long skirts, petticoats, and yes – even hoops! The lovely ladies planning and hosting Convention have made arrangements to accommodate everyone interested in History to attend and enjoy the evening with us.

Mid-April Oklahoma Events

Upcoming historical programs with the OHC, as reported in the Mistletoe Leaves that may be of Southern interest include: April 17-18, 2010 Spring Encampment –Ft. Gibson Historic Site, Fort Gibson Tatting Workshop – Chisholm Trail Museum, Kingfisher (17th only)

Make your dreams come true

Oklahoma Daughters who are attending 2010 Oklahoma Division Convention Historical Evening: The possibilities are endless for a historically flavored evening ensemble.

Looking for accuracy in War Between the States outfit? Another idea is to museums and seek out the professional knowledge found there.  Put on your thinking cap, open your eyes and you will likely amaze yourself.

Support your VA

Last month, one of my magazine renewals had a “give a subscription to a friend – for free” offer. I called the VA in Muskogee to see if they accept these – they do. I even got a mailing from the magazine stating the subscription had started.

Send magazine subscriptions for Muskogee to:

Volunteer Services (135)

Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center

1101 Honor Heights

Muskogee, OK 74401

While I was on the phone, I got the “current skinny” on what is on the top of the wish list:

Magazines can be delivered to VAVS Office for distribution to waiting rooms and to veterans (Don’t forget to cut off or mark out any personal ID info.)

Any and all coffee service items

Comfort items such as small shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc. Think Samples OR Hotel items

Cards Puzzles (books & jigsaw)

Board Games

Activity Books


In Muskogee – Volunteer Services located across from Lab on second floor of the Medical Center

I also know that Claramore always welcomes lap robes.

There are many things we can do to help and support our Veterans that are really just primary recycling (magazines, paperbacks, etc.) – that is a win-win if we do it. Thanks for your interest!