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Yearbooks: The big picture in broad strokes

Military precision is not demanded of yearbooks. Indeed, neatness, systematic arrangement, artistic appearance are all marks of quality. Let your Southern muse guide you. Yes, quality means something in any competition. For UDC judging, it counts for up to 10% of points standings.

Yearbooks: Memorials

If your group has had a bad year, each memoral should be listed separately or starred. If your group hasn’t experienced a loss, indicate this by footnote or brief tribute to a deceased Division Officer or all Daughters who died during the past year.

Yearbooks: Be Observant

We are always looking for ways to incorporate our Confederate Days of Observance. Adding them to the yearbook helps with judging, as well as putting a yearly ready reference in all members houeholds.

Yearbooks: Round out that roster

In addition to membership and basic contact information, you might consider other listings to make your roster more user friendly. Email addresses and birthdates are basic extras that are optional. Birthdays are great for a card, but should not include the year – a lady shouldn’t be expected to tell her age.

Yearbooks: Order, order, order

What’s a meeting without order? Not anything I’d enjoy-if there is work to do. Every effective meeting has some sort of Order of Business. Yearbooks should include these listings.

Yearbooks: Officers

All officers need to be included. They should be listed in order by General, Division, and Chapter. Don’t forget their address information. Basic lists will not qualify for full judging points.

Yearbooks: Ritual

Yearbooks should include your opening ritual. Don’t forget to include the Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the Confederate Flag, Salute to your state flag, in addition to the ritual script.

Yearbooks: Title track #2

Yesterday’s blog entry listed several things needed for your Yearbook title page to achieve full point potential. Don’t forget the motto (Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live), your Chapter location, the current year, and date of organization.

Yearbooks: Got it covered?

If UDC insignia used (Oklahoma insignia does not count toward points), must be at top of cover (with no printing above). Must include –

  1. Chapter
  2. number
  3. United Daughters of the Confederacy
  4. location

current year is an optional item

Helpful Hints and Reminders

In the future, this Historian will go over some, if not all, the General guidelines and offer other ideas to make your ‘books easier to use, qualify high on the judging sheets, and shine all around! Visit us soon…