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Scrapbooks: Attachments

Be sure that anything you place in the scrapbook is firmly attached. If you are attaching something that has printing on the side you’ll be gluing to the page, make a copy of the glued side and include it face up. It is tempting to glue one corner so the attached can be enjoyed as it was originally produced. However, with the wear of readers enjoying it, the adhesive can weaken. Books that travel a way to Convention also may find attached items coming off during travel. Don’t handicap yourself by having items that may not survive in your book until after judging. If required item(s) fall out due to the lack of adhesive, no one can enjoy it.

Scrapbook Cover Requirements

By following the guidelines, you can earn up to 10 points for correct covers –

If UDC insignia used (Division insignia and unofficial graphics may not count toward points – check with your Division), must be at top of cover with no printing above. Cover must include –

  1. Chapter
  2. “United Daughters of the Confederacy”
  3. location
  • current year optional
  • nothing may be glued, taped, or attached