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Words of Wisdom

“To be called honorable is the greatest complement; to be honorable is the greatest virtue”

 – From How To Be A Better Southerner (Advice, Observations and Inside Information) by Carolyn Kent, 2003, Southern Renaissance Publishing, Nashville, TN – Available for order through General (found under “supplies” link).

Yearbooks: Be Observant

We are always looking for ways to incorporate our Confederate Days of Observance. Adding them to the yearbook helps with judging, as well as putting a yearly ready reference in all members houeholds.

Honoring our fallen Sisters in Service

westminabbyinside1Please take a moment in this waining year to reflect and honor all of our fallen Sisters of the UDC.

Word has reached this Daughter that Olivelle Graves, General Forrest Chapter, #881 has passed. My heart goes out to #322 and all of Olivelle’s friends.

Backlist: First Posted History Bit

ShoutBlogPart of being part of a larger group of like-minded folk is to share information. Please feel free to share historical information with all of us through this elist. Even information that is not centered specifically on the War Between The States! More historical information gets the “juices flowing”, keeps us in the honoring and preservation mood and excites the senses. I’ll holler out things from time to time, please join me :o)

If you haven’t already joined the OK Hist. Soc. – consider doing so. In addition to the quarterly deliverd to your door, you’ll get the monthly Mistletoe Leaves, free admission to OHS museum gallaries, and much more – besides supporting history of the geographical state area.
If you are interested in volunteering at the OHC (OKC), consider going to their volunteer open house Saturday, August 30, 2008 from 1-4PM in the Chesapeake Room.
Originally published August 13, 2008, Oklahoma Division E-List.