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Yearbooks: Title track #2

Yesterday’s blog entry listed several things needed for your Yearbook title page to achieve full point potential. Don’t forget the motto (Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live), your Chapter location, the current year, and date of organization.

Scrapbooks: History is important

Many people look at fine examples of scrapbooks as only ‘fluff”. It is important that your book have strong historical content. Both as it pertains to UDC over the current year, and the War Between the States.

Scrapbooks: Other items to include

Items of interest to UDC, Division, or Chapter are all things that can be placed in your Scrapbook. Material should be pertinent to the current year, though not specifically pertaining to your particular Division or Chapter.

Scrapbook Title Pages

Title pages can be many things to many books. For judging, a scrapbook title page must contain the following for full credit: Chapter/Division, as applicable; “United Daughters of the Confederacy; location; and current year.

This Historian also suggests remembering that it is the first book page anyone sees. Once past the cover, this is usually your first impression. Look at it for balance and don’t over crowd it. Yes, there are things that are required, but don’t go overboard with things you could move to other pages. Effectiveness, ease on the eye, and theme may all go into judging decisions in categories where most of the scrapbooks achieve a perfect statistical score.

Scrapbook Cover Requirements

By following the guidelines, you can earn up to 10 points for correct covers –

If UDC insignia used (Division insignia and unofficial graphics may not count toward points – check with your Division), must be at top of cover with no printing above. Cover must include –

  1. Chapter
  2. “United Daughters of the Confederacy”
  3. location
  • current year optional
  • nothing may be glued, taped, or attached