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Yearbooks: The big picture in broad strokes

Military precision is not demanded of yearbooks. Indeed, neatness, systematic arrangement, artistic appearance are all marks of quality. Let your Southern muse guide you. Yes, quality means something in any competition. For UDC judging, it counts for up to 10% of points standings.

Yearbooks: Memorials

If your group has had a bad year, each memoral should be listed separately or starred. If your group hasn’t experienced a loss, indicate this by footnote or brief tribute to a deceased Division Officer or all Daughters who died during the past year.

Yearbooks: Real Daughters

Any Real Daughters should be listed separately or starred. If your group doesn’t have any, indicate this by footnote or brief tribute to a deceased Real Daughter.

Yearbooks: Chart It

Yearbooks should reflect what you’ve done over the year. Because of this, information on your meeting dates, hostesses of meetings, programs and speakers should be included. These can be on a graphic calender, or in a meeting section.

Yearbooks: Order, order, order

What’s a meeting without order? Not anything I’d enjoy-if there is work to do. Every effective meeting has some sort of Order of Business. Yearbooks should include these listings.

Yearbooks: Officers

All officers need to be included. They should be listed in order by General, Division, and Chapter. Don’t forget their address information. Basic lists will not qualify for full judging points.

Yearbooks: Ritual

Yearbooks should include your opening ritual. Don’t forget to include the Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the Confederate Flag, Salute to your state flag, in addition to the ritual script.

Yearbooks: Title track #2

Yesterday’s blog entry listed several things needed for your Yearbook title page to achieve full point potential. Don’t forget the motto (Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live), your Chapter location, the current year, and date of organization.

Yearbooks: Title track #1

For full point potential, be sure to list your chapter and division, the organization (United Daughters of the Confederacy), UDC colors, as well as other items posted in the General guidelines and blogged here tomorrow.

Scrapbooks: Programs and Yearbook

Each scrapbook needs to include a listing of the year’s programs and a copy of the yearbook for maximum points in this judging area.

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