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Confederate Museum and Mistletoe Leaves

Make a point to seek out the Confederate Memorial Museum item in Oklahoma Historical Society current “Mistletoe Leaves”. The half page article is on page 6 and contains a photo and nice write up of the facility. This officer was able to visit the campus during the 2009 Division Convention bus trip. Don’t fret if you can’t schedule a trip to Atoka, Oklahoma soon, they are online as well!

Good summer reading?

The Politically Incorrect Guide To The South, by H. W. Crocker III, and published by Regency Publishing Company, is one this Historian is interested in reading. Civil War News, states “…will not win any friends or accolades from those who see the war through the prism of the North.” and goes on to state the author used “evenhandedness” in regards to his eye on history. This looks to be a fun read and I, for one, am putting it on my “to read” list.

Message from Hon. Pres. of OK Div.

(Historian’s note: This message was originally posted on the Oklahoma Division Members Only E-List. Reprinted here with permission of the author.)

Can you believe a whole year has past since our Centennial Celebration?
It is time to pack our duds and head south to celebrate the beginning of our second century.  I know the Dixie girls have big plans for us, and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, and sampling their southern hospitably!
There a very few Centennial Pins left.  This is your last chance to get one.  Call me (918 248-4521) or email me (OkieCuzin@aol. com) to get your name on the list.  I will bring them to the Division Meeting.  They are $35.00 still … a real bargain …once in a lifetime commemoration in OK UDC.  If someone wants it mailed to them … mailing fee is $3. to me.   Checks made out to OK UDC Treas.  Remember this is your last chance.
Can’t wait to see everyone.
Barbara Crew Hutton,
Oklahoma Honorary President of Division

Sesquicentennial Websites

Don’t let the Sesquicentennial pass you by. It doesn’t take much to get in the mood. Currently, 5 states that were a part of the world 150 years ago have special sesquicentennial commission web sites. Be sure to visit them soon and often!


North Carolina


South Carolina


Note – as Oklahoma did not exist as a state, it is not out of the ordinary for it not to have such a commission.

Words of Wisdom

“Always serve black-eyed peas (cooked with hog jowl) on New Year’s Day to have good luck throughout the year” – From How To Be A Better Southerner (Advice, Observations and Inside Information) by Carolyn Kent, 2003, Southern Renaissance Publishing, Nashville, TN – Available for order through General (found under “supplies” link).