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Great Scrapbook & Pressbook Support

There’s just something about news clippings! Charleen Samuels, 2009 Oklahoma Division Convention Chair put together a clippings packet – several papers as well as pre and post PR – of the Convention and offered it to all for postage. A big thanks to the hosts for thinking about this. They can never be replaced, the feel, the smell – using real clippings are just as much a part of our Southern Heritage as many other things. If using as part of a record of history, don’t forget to neutralize any acid content and use archival products.

Scrapbooks: Attachments

Be sure that anything you place in the scrapbook is firmly attached. If you are attaching something that has printing on the side you’ll be gluing to the page, make a copy of the glued side and include it face up. It is tempting to glue one corner so the attached can be enjoyed as it was originally produced. However, with the wear of readers enjoying it, the adhesive can weaken. Books that travel a way to Convention also may find attached items coming off during travel. Don’t handicap yourself by having items that may not survive in your book until after judging. If required item(s) fall out due to the lack of adhesive, no one can enjoy it.

Scrapbooks: Quality counts

We all know that scrapbook quality is a somewhat subjective subject. However, making sure your publication is basically neat (no dried glue globs, captions printed with a mis-aligned printer head, etc.), has a systematic arrangement and is considered by your group to have an artistic appearance, are not hard things to do. It enriches your historical record and makes it more enjoyable for those who get to view it.

Scrapbooks: History is important

Many people look at fine examples of scrapbooks as only ‘fluff”. It is important that your book have strong historical content. Both as it pertains to UDC over the current year, and the War Between the States.

Scrapbooks: Other items to include

Items of interest to UDC, Division, or Chapter are all things that can be placed in your Scrapbook. Material should be pertinent to the current year, though not specifically pertaining to your particular Division or Chapter.

Scrapbooks: Programs and Yearbook

Each scrapbook needs to include a listing of the year’s programs and a copy of the yearbook for maximum points in this judging area.

Scrapbooks: The Who and What

All of your activities and photographs should cover the current year. What went on should be made clear with each activity entry. All photographs should be labeled with a date and the occasion as well as identifying everyone visible. While almost any scrapbooker can think of valid exceptions to some of these rules, don’t forget that some judges don’t consider exceptions when tallying points. Should you leave items out just to make a perfect points book? Talk it over with your Chapter/Division – you’ll make the right choice!

Two common to conundrums are anniversaries (then and now photos) and In Memoriam.

Scrapbooks: Your number is up

To qualify for table of contents points, each and every page in the scrapbook must be numbered. A Table of Contents, or and old fashioned index – in the front of the book – must take advantage of those numbers. Creativity is fine, but only listing title page, table of contents, and memories don’t make a full table of contents – even if you list their page numbers.

Scrapbooks: Motto is a must

Our motto: Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live are more than just words to live by. When you include this in your yearbook, make sure it is in an easy to spot location. If it is overlooked during judging, no points can be awarded.

Good example: On cover, title page, or it’s own themed page, in easy to read text with lots of blank or background space around it.

Bad example: Repeated in small script to form a border around a photo. This can be an elegant use, but one that can easily be missed.

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